Educational Goals

The course aims to provide basic training in three key areas of expertise:
1. knowledge and practice of the languages ​​of the different disciplines of the show;
2. Communication;
3. strategy, design and management of cultural and entertainment operations.

Who is the course for?

The course is open to anyone who wishes to carry out, within companies, cultural institutions and local authorities, tasks related to the planning, organization and management of activities and cultural events, with recruitment of senior management roles and responsibilities such as:
– Artistic Director
– Project manager
– Manager of the artist;
– Responsible for contracts;
– External relations officer;
– Relations officer with the press;
– Responsible for the design and development;
– Marketing manager;
– Copywrite and Royalties Manager;
– Tour manager
– Local promoter;
– Artistic Director;
– Curator of exhibitions
– Designer cultural, artistic consultant;
– Artistic Producer;
– Responsible television schedule (program and coordinates the programming of a television network).

Topics of the Masterclass:

– Project management of cultural events
– Management processes in a cultural institution
– The characters of project management
– The information system-management of a company culture
– The use of accounting systems for short-term decisions
– Systems of general and analytical accounting
– The reporting of a company of musical show
– The economic-financial control of a project: from quotation to final.
– Presentation of cases of cultural enterprises
– ENPALS, INPS, INAIL, SIAE, unions of category, types of contracts artistic personnel. Read and reference standards, safety of the workplace: regulations.
– Notes on copyright and performers.
– Analysis of a concert or opera season actually programmed.
– Articulation briefly operatic repertoire, symphonic and chamber music and knowledge of bibliographic reference (dictionaries, directories, encyclopedias etc.).
– Problems related to the needs of internal consistency in the structuring of a season operatic and concert;
– Introduction to the problems related to the choice of the items in relationship to the roles and vocal registers.
– Introduction to the problems regarding pagination of a symphonic program in relation to organic and execution capabilities of orchestras available;
– Issues related to contacts with the brokerage, the contractual and regulatory aspects relating to taxation, social security, copyright;
– Introduction to computing resources available on line on the activity of the major opera and concert music Italian and European institutions;
– Analysis of a concert or opera season actually programmed.
– The type of evidence and their articulation hourly and functional;
– The functions and duties of the different compartments and artistic production: the musical (singers, choir, orchestra and band), the directing, the scenic and lighting.

Each participant will be provided for long notes and information materials on the topics covered. Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance signed by teachers.


Teachers are qualified university teachers and professionals in the field of management of cultural and musical activities such as:
Prof. Lucio Argano: Professor of Design and Event Management at Catholic University of Milan, the production process of the show and workshop in Creating Corporate Culture at the University Roma Tre, and the Master of Entertainment Activities SDA Bocconi and the Academy of Arts La Scala in Milan.
– Giovanni Pacor: Conductor
Prof. Domenico Balzani: Singer House and Professor of Project Management of cultural events and Organisation Legislation and Performing Arts at the Conservatory of Pavia. Coordinator Responsible for the Biennium of Specialization in Management of Cultural Events and Entertainment Conservatory of Pavia.

Price: € 200 (deposit of 200 €  to confirm the enrollment and the balance of 100 € within July 31st)

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